Attractive Front Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas

Front yard desert landscaping ideas – landscaping in the desert eschews rich lush lawns and towering oaks, opting instead for cactus and ocotillo trees. Such water-wise plantings do well in the dry southwestern desert. And compliment the Spanish and Mediterranean architecture common to the region. The concept of xeriscaping, using native. Drought-tolerant plants can be incorporated into the desert landscape similar to other underground elements such as stone, water and fire.

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Then, the successful front yard desert landscaping ideas using native plants. Flowering cactus, thick-leaved succulents. And also thorny trees populate residential properties and require little care. Be drought and heat tolerant. Other features of the landscape can be fruit trees, herb gardens, rock gardens, and also pools . And fireplaces or fireplaces. Outdoor rooms take advantage of the mild climate.

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Rock lawns are water-wise and attractive in front yard desert landscaping ideas. Choose from a wide range of color and size stones for your front yard. To add visual interest, creating small mounds or dry riverbeds. To make the dry riverbed, use large river stones in a contrasting color to your mowing. Create a gully in a winding path across your rock lawn, build pages. Line canyon with river rock and plants occasionally juicy along the side of the gorge to color and texture.

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