Beautiful Driveway Landscape Ideas

Driveway landscape ideas – When planting along a driveway, watching the gardeners to privacy. An attractive flowering border or landscape distinction to draw attention to the property. Try a sprinkling of color gravel. Or anchor by large stones and plants with succulents and cacti, for a low maintenance driveway planting. If houses are built close together, then landscaping between driveways a good way to create privacy.

Posted on November 14, 2017 Landscaping Ideas

To separate a driveway landscape ideas from another consider planting evergreen trees. They will be green in winter and provide a screen. Evergreen trees will grow slowly but will be low maintenance. Hedges are also a good choice. They should be tight and compact for privacy. But they do need maintenance and grooming. Options to consider are brush cherry (Syzygium paniculatum). or sweet olive (Osmanthus fragrans) and Rhaphiolepis “majestic beauty.”

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If the purpose of driveway landscape ideas planting is for color. Consider annual or continuous flowering plants in colors that complement the home. Different types of lavender and sage in shades of violet. or purple and blue harmonize well with a Mediterranean or southwest-style home. An edge of zinnias or marigolds offer shock of color and are low maintenance. A plant from the daisy family will do quite well for a colorful driveway addition.

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