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Country house plans with porch – There’s nothing like a lazy afternoon sitting on a porch swing, watching the grass grow. One way to increase your sense of calm is personally add a swing to your own porch. Some woodworking tools are all that is needed. Locate hole in the arm rests where the chains thread through. Install eye hooks there.

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Country house plans with porch, place the ladder directly in the desired location in the first eye hook. Make a note of the distance between the eye of the hook and the end of the porch if you install the swing perpendicular to the front of the house. If you install the swing parallel to the front of the house. Be sure to allow enough space for the swinging motion so it does not beat the house.

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Country house plans with porch, a pilot hole in the roof for the first eye hook. It is good that the eye hook installed directly into a ceiling joist for security. In the eye of the hook in the pilot hole and hit it with your hand until it seats. Insert a screwdriver into the eye hook and continue to secure it with the screwdriver for leverage. Move the ladder to the general location of the next eye of the hook. Measure and mark the required distance between the eyes hooks. Be sure that the sites are such that the swing will hang perpendicular or parallel to the house, whichever you wish. Drill a pilot hole and secure eye hook you in step three.

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