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Focal point landscaping – In a garden, it is interesting to get focal points of visual attraction. The same appear adding a touch of diversity in the rhythm of the green, or highlighting a special corner. They are a reason for contemplation, an opportunity to stop. To look, to feel sounds and smells. The appropriate place may be at the end of a view, at a bend in the path, at the entrance to an area. In a stone cutter, to highlight these special plants, or semi hidden between the leaves, to contrast textures and shapes.

Posted on November 15, 2017 Landscaping Plans

Focal point landscaping, to clarify concepts, is really an activity that allows you to modify the characteristics of a space. Whether in your home, in a public area, in the urban area and in the rural area. Also with landscaping, all the living elements that make up that space in your garden. The flora and fauna that includes everything that you know for gardening modified.

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The designs also take into account material objects created by man, such as sculptures, materials for the paths. The rocks, water, elevations of the terrain transformed to design that focal point landscaping so attractive. Everything is included in a good design. They come in many forms and the particular style we use will undoubtedly be a matter of personal taste more than anything else. Whether we opt for a simple element, perhaps a recycled object or an original sculpture. Must always integrated with the environment home and green space and be attractive complement of plants.

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