Installation Of Columns For Porch

Columns for porch – It is important to install the correct style of porch posts or columns, because the porch helps define home architecture. You want the columns to make a powerful statement about the home formality or casual. For example, needs two-story colonial columns are made of high quality wood versus metal or vinyl coated columns. To get ideas, look at home design books and remodeling magazines to view verandas similar to your own.

Posted on December 8, 2017 Porch

Size of columns for porch matter. A Post or column dimensions affecting curb appeal. Bulky columns often needed to balance the overall porch design home architecture. Using skimpy columns not only looks unattractive, but may not support the roof weight. Be sure to find out if the poles have a metal core or other special features. Draw the house and the porch to get an idea of ​​the porch column dimensions require, whether round or square shape.

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Select the proper size. Choosing style columns depends on the house architecture. Consider smooth, round wooden pillar to a colonial two levels, for example. These services usually contracted to a small dimension at the top. Large square posts may look appropriate for a ranch house porch. Drive around neighborhoods in your area to see the different styles of columns for porch close. Remember that the lower half of the column can stacked stone and the upper half brick, for example.

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