Knowing About Xeriscape Landscaping

Xeriscape landscaping – Xeriscape landscaping may sound like something exotic. But it’s just the landscape that preserves the maximum possible amount of water. According to the agricultural extension service at Texas A & M University, xeriscaping saves water through planning and design and soil preparation. Also selection of appropriate plant and turf, mulch, efficient irrigation and proper maintenance. Xeriscaping is not just rocks and cacti, say experts from Texas A & M.

Posted on November 22, 2017 Landscaping Ideas

Xeriscaping properly planned and constructed can be lush, green and cool. Even in hot and dry areas. Xeriscaping always starts with a plan. When developing a plan, landowners should consider the lay of their land. The things on it that can modif. And also things like existing structures that need to worked around. Xeriscape landscaping considerations include eye appeal, slopes and valleys. Also the placement of trenches, irrigation methods, ease of maintenance and water requirements.

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Landowners may want to consult a landscape architect and nurseryman. Or an agricultural extension agent during the design phase maybe. Xeriscape landscaping areas tend to require less maintenance. According to the Texas a & M, maintenance on a xeriscaped it is cut in half through reduced mowing. More efficient irrigation and mulch annually. There is much less need for weeding or for fertilization, usually no more than twice a year.

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