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Front sidewalk landscaping ideas are an important part of an overall landscaping. They can show off your home or lead to the gardens and outdoor spaces. Sidewalks are usually cast concrete. Laying the sidewalk paving stones is another way to install a sidewalk, though. Pavement asphalt pavers are available in many colors and styles. Laying the pavement paving stones is something most homeowners can do with materials purchased in every home store.

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Lay out the front sidewalk landscaping ideas. Measure the width and length of the sidewalk area using a tape measure. Use spray paint on the ground to mark each corner of the sidewalk. Purchase adders and basic material. Asphalt pavers are available in different shapes and sizes. Home store sellers will recommend how many asphalt pavers are needed for square meters of the project.

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Dig the front sidewalk landscaping ideas area. Use sabotage to compact the area so it’s level. Place a base of crushed stone and masonry sand in the excavated pavement area. Compress the entire area with tampering.  Place paving stones on top of the compact base level. Asphalt pavers can be placed in any pattern desired. Lay cardboard on top of paving stones and use a landscape sabotage to compact the pebbles close to the sand.

Place masonry sand on top of paving stones. Sweep the sand over the pebbles with the shop broom. Continue sweeping sand over the paving stones until all the cracks and joints are filled with sand. Refill any gaps that extend beyond the sidewalk area with soil. Connect the hose to the water source. Use the hose to clean the sand and soil from the sidewalk area. Clean up work area tool and leftover material.

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