Outdoor Led Flood Light Fixture Design

Outdoor led flood light fixture is a great addition to any home. It illuminates a large area and, by means of timers, a photoelectric switch or motion detector, adds a measure of security to the walks and driveways. Install a new headlight in which a fixture is already easy, takes no more than half an hour, and will not break your budget. Add a little more time and a few more dollars and you can install a spotlight wherever you need one.

Posted on November 20, 2017 Lighting

How to install outdoor led flood light fixture, turn off the supply fittings. Then remove the light bulb or bulbs from the existing fixture, and loosen the nuts that hold it in place. With non-contact voltage tester, check that the power is off. Release wire nuts holding the future lines to the conduits within the box. Connect the fixture wires from the house wiring, and remove the old fixture.

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Attach the ground wire first. Connect the white neutral wire. Place the fixture neutral and neutral house together, and twist them. Add a wire nut to cap the connection. Then connect the hot wire or wires to the housing. The hot wire should be black or any color but white, green or bear. Then attach the fixture to the box, and make sure that all the shelters are in place. And then make the connections tight, and insert the bulbs to complete the installation. Turn on the power and pull the lever. The outdoor led flood light fixture turns on.

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