Unique Round Porch Columns

Round porch columns – Porch columns are large columns that are on the edges of porches. And border the walkway leading up to the front door. Fewer porches can only have two columns, while larger verandas may have a row of columns. These columns can be weight-bearing, working to keep up the patio roof or possibly another patio level, or they may be just for looks. Either way homeowners can choose their own styles. And then materials for the column construction.

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Capitals are adornments on top of a terrace or round porch columns before it ends on the roof. These letters can be either very complicated. Or simple blocks for use is design to accentuate the end of the column. Since homeowners have access to many different designs. Then they can give their porch a Greek, Roman or Spanish theme based on what their capitals look like.

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Round Porch ColumnsSize: 966 x 738

PVC Round Porch ColumnsSize: 1000 x 878

If homeowners choose three columns, then they should combine them with brick or stone bases. This use of two materials can create a pleasing effect. And it is a great way to incorporate long-lasting, natural materials in round porch columns. This is also useful if brick or stone materials are use as a significant portion of the veranda. Or the surrounding areas of the countryside.

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