Wonderful Landscaping Ideas For Hills

Landscaping ideas for hills – Designing hillside landscape requires planning. You want to make sure the hillside is stable and will remain so. With proper drainage and planting, you can do some slope so beautiful and decorative as any other part of the landscape. Perhaps even more! There are many ways to design a beautiful hillside. You can keep it very simple and make it into something productive or artistic.

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Easy ways to design the slopes landscaping ideas for hills would be to plant them completely with a matte rooting type of ground cover that will keep the soil in place. Grass, succulents as ice plant, and creeping ground cover plants such as low-growing cotoneaster are good solutions. If you live in a dry climate, you have to water the plants. The best way to do that is with low volume sprinkler that will supply water for a light sprinkle. Otherwise, the water will wash away down the hill without leaving much to sink into the ground for plant roots.

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Create landscaping ideas for hills, another way to handle a slope is to grow shrubs or small trees. Use groupings of the same plants or trees and limit varieties so there is repetition and continuity. You can also try to spread drifts of wild seeds in the fall and early spring to cover your slope with spring flowers.

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